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Free Phones & Tablets

Our community development agency has made a significant impact by providing free phones to over 150,000 families through the ACP and Lifeline programs. This initiative has empowered these families with better access to communication resources, enabling them to stay connected with their loved ones, seek employment opportunities, and access vital services. By bridging the digital divide, the agency has played a crucial role in enhancing the quality of life for these families and promoting social development within the community.

Free & Subsidized

Our community development agency has made a positive difference in the lives of thousands of families through its ACA program. By providing access to health coverage, the agency has ensured that these families have the necessary resources to address their healthcare needs. This support has not only improved their overall well-being but has also alleviated financial burdens associated with medical expenses. Through their dedication and commitment, the agency has played a vital role in promoting healthier communities and ensuring that everyone has the opportunity to receive essential healthcare services.

Mobile phones
A Boy and His Tablet Device
Free Wifi

Free Resources

In addition to our top-notch development services, find it xl offers free phone and tablet incentives, as well as health coverage options. Visit our website and use the link provided to take advantage of these incredible offers today!

All About Me

Our mission is clear: to help one million families by the year 2024, providing comprehensive support that covers all their resource needs, including telecom and health coverage. We are committed to ensuring that every family has access to essential services that improve their quality of life. By addressing these vital needs, we aim to empower families, foster resilience, and create stronger, more vibrant communities. Through our dedicated efforts, we strive to make a positive and lasting impact, ensuring that no family is left behind in their pursuit of a better future.

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